Inspectie Ontwikkelingssamenwerking en Beleidsevaluatie

Balancing ideals with practice: Policy evaluation of Dutch involvement in sexual and reproductive health and rights 2007-2012

Datum van publicatie: 

This report presents the findings of a policy
evaluation of the Dutch involvement in the field
of sexual and reproductive health and rights
during the period 2007-2012. This policy
evaluation has been conducted by the Policy and
Operations Evaluation Department (IOB) of the
Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and is based on
a number of sub-studies, including country
impact studies in Bangladesh, Nicaragua and
Mali, desk-studies of Ghana and Tanzania, and
desk-studies of existing evaluations of
multilateral organisations and NGOs.

The findings show that Dutch support has
contributed to improved knowledge about SRHR,
better availability of commodities and medicines,
to increased use of perinatal and maternal health
services and to reduced infant and maternal
mortality. However, contributions to changes in
contraceptive use are less conclusive. Moreover,
inequalities between households, regions and
countries were hardly reduced and support to
health systems improvement became neglected.
Dutch support helped to realise sexual and
reproductive health and rights for people who
may be denied these rights but efforts in these
areas could be strengthened. 

A video describing the main conclusions of the evaluation can be found here.



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