Inspectie Ontwikkelingssamenwerking en Beleidsevaluatie

Product IOB

IOB conducts research. The research can take the form of policy reviews (policy evaluations), ex-post impact studies (impact evaluations), other evaluations, synthesis studies, and ad hoc research. Policy reviews and evaluations are made available to the Dutch House of Representatives, together with a policy letter from the minister containing his or her response to the report.

Policy evaluations (or reviews) focus on a specific policy area of the Dutch government, adressing questions about cost-consciousness, effectiveness, and the degree to which objectives are achieved. If possible, it is determined whether the policy concerned could (have) be(en) implemented differently – more efficiently.

Impact evaluations provide insight into the long term policy achievements.

Synthesis studies, which are based on literature reviews, are used for policy preparation, policy implementation and policy evaluation.

Occasionally, IOB conducts ad hoc research on request of a Director-General or the House of Representatives of the Dutch parliament.

The Annual Report provides an overview of the work published.