Inspectie Ontwikkelingssamenwerking en Beleidsevaluatie

Netherlands strong in maintenance of international gender equality norms, however not consistent in application of gender mainstreaming ambitions

IOB has evaluated the Dutch efforts for the advancement of women's rights and gender equality in the period 2007-2014. During that period, the Netherlands advocated the establishment of international gender equality norms and their maintenance. In many countries the Netherlands also financially supported organisations standing up for women's rights. At the same time, the ambitions on gender mainstreaming in the priorities of the foreign and development policies were not consistently brought into practice. Especially in the areas of economic development and peace and security there was less attention for the interests and needs of women. This is related to the lack of sufficient capacity to realise these ambitions.

These and other conclusions are drawn by IOB in the policy evaluation 'Gender sense & sensitivity: Policy evaluation on women's rights and gender equality (2007-2014)'. The report can be downloaded here. The minister's policy reaction can be found here.

The report is based, amongst others, on three simultaneously published reports:
1) an evaluation of the Dutch National Action Plan 1325 in the area of women, peace and security; 'Gender, peace and security: Evaluation of the Netherlands and UN Security Council resolution 1325'. IOB Evaluation # 399. Downloadable here.
2) an evaluation of the MDG3 Fund 'Investing in Equality' that was set up as a result of the Schokland agreements; 'Evaluation of the MDG3 Fund: "Investing in Equality" (2008-2011)'. IOB Evaluation # 401. Downloadable here.
3) a literature study researching the evidence for the premises underlying the Dutch gender equality policy; 'Premises and promises: A study of the premises underlying the Dutch policy for women's rights and gender equality'. IOB Study # 403. Downloadable here.