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  1. Case_Study_Sudan.pdf

    Organisations in Disaster Relief. The prime motivation for humanitarian action is the alleviation of human ... Reference............................................................. 115 8.5 Future Needs for the Linking of Relief and Development in Sudan....................... 120 ... Sudan OFDA Office of US Foreign Disaster Assistance OHCHR Office of the United Nations High Commissioner application/pdf attached to:An Evaluation of Dutch Humantarian Assistance 2000-2004 (Sudan Case Study, Final Report)

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  2. kamerbrief-inzake-iob-beleidsdoorlichting-humanitaire-hulp-2009-2014.pdf

    Relief Fund is een aantal maatregelen genomen om de stafcapaciteit uit te breiden. Ook is geïnvesteerd in ... en Economische Zaken. In maart 2015, tijdens de wereldconferentie over Disaster Risk Reduction in ... onderdeel van het Relief Fund is een budget van 30 miljoen Euro gereserveerd voor de periode 2015-2017 om de application/pdf attached to:Beleidsreactie

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  3. Case_Study_Great_Lakes_Region.pdf

    Department) DRA Dutch Relief and Rehabilitation Agency DRC Democratic Republic of Congo EC European Commission ... Army FAO Food and Agriculture Organisation FAO-TCOR Food and Agriculture Organisation- Special Relief ... Linking Relief Rehabilitation and Development MDF-ESA Management for Development Foundation MFA Ministry application/pdf attached to:Evaluation of Dutch Humanitarian Assistance in the Great Lakes region 2005-2005 (Case Study)

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  4. english-summary-evaluation-report.pdf

    90-5328-310-2 292 2003 Results�of�International�Debt�Relief�1990-1999 isbn 90-5328-314-5 293 2003 ... economic growth, but not to balanced development. Debt relief became a trend: in 1996 the Heavily Indebted ... Relief Initiative (MDRI) which offered 100% cancellation of debts to the World Bank, the IMF and the application/pdf attached to:The Netherlands' Africa Policy 1998-2006. Evaluation of bilateral cooperation. (Summary)

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  5. Beleidsdoorlichting van de Nederlandse humanitaire hulp 2009-2014.pdf

    Multilaterale Instellingen en Mensenrechten DRA Dutch Relief Alliance DREF Disaster Relief Emergency Fund DRR ... 2.5 Recente ontwikkelingen: meer geld via het Relief Fund 54 2.6 Thematische prioriteiten 56 2.7 De ... (inclusief Relief Fund uitgaven 2014), naar kanaal 48 Tabel 2.2 Verdeling humanitaire steun over kanalen application/pdf attached to:Beleidsdoorlichting van de Nederlandse humanitaire hulp 2009-2014

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  6. 369 EN.pdf

    Figure 4.1: Long-term trend in programme aid, excluding debt relief (1975–2010) 100 Figure 4.2: Long-term ... trend in programme aid, including debt relief (1975–2010) 101 Figure 4.3: Budget support in relation to ... Relief Initiative MYSP Multi-Year Strategic Plan MoU Memorandum of Understanding MTEF Medium-Term application/pdf attached to:Budgetsupport: Conditional Results - Review of an instrument (2000-2011)

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  7. Case_Study_Somalia.pdf

    Organisations in Disaster Relief. The prime motivation for humanitarian action is the alleviation of human application/pdf attached to:Humanitarian Assistance in Somalia: An evaluation of support for IDPs in Somalia, 1999-2003 (Case Study)

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  8. Deelstudie Syriëcrisis – IOB-evaluatie humanitaire hulp.pdf

    Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection departmentERC Emergency Relief CoordinatorETC Emergency ... International Relief and DevelopmentISIS Islamic State in Iraq and SyriaITS Informal Tented SettlementJOD ... Gender-Based ViolenceSHARP Syria Humanitarian Assistance Response PlanSHRC Syria Higher Relief CommitteeSINA application/pdf attached to:Deelstudie Syriëcrisis – Reinoud Leenders en Peter Giesen

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  9. Deelstudie Zuid-Soedan – IOB-evaluatie humanitaire hulp.pdf

    bulky relief supplies must take place in the dry season. Late donor contributions to the fund ... 2014. The creation of the Relief Fund in 2014 provides a necessary increase in the predictability of ... disaster risk management, not supported within the mandate of the CHF, would help to meet Dutch internal application/pdf attached to:Deelstudie Zuid-Soedan – Lydia Poole / HPG

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  10. Annex 7 Thematic study The effectiveness of Policy influencing, Lobbying and Advocacy on Corporate Social responsibility.pdf

    generally have all been revised in the aftermath of this disaster. Some of the big developmental NGOs application/pdf attached to:Thematic study: The effectiveness of Policy Influencing, Lobbying and Advocacy on Corporate Social Responsibility

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