Inspectie Ontwikkelingssamenwerking en Beleidsevaluatie

The Advisory Panel

On request or on its own initiative, the independent Advisory Panel (2009) is concerned with providing advice for advancing the usability and use of evaluative studies.

Experience and expertise within the field of evaluation as well as development cooperation are evenly represented in the panel.

Mandate of the panel

In regard to the usability of evaluations:
1. Advising on the basic principles of IOB's evaluation programming in the field of development cooperation as well as its working procedures.
2. Assessing the validity and reliability of evaluation reports as well as the feasibility of concerns and/or recommendations in retrospect, and make recommendations for improvement.

In regard to the use of evaluations:
3. Advising on the institutional anchoring of the evaluation function within the policy cycle.
4. Advising on measures with which learning from evaluations is stimulated.
5. Monitoring the effect of recommendations and concerns addressed in evaluation reports and, if necessary, make recommendations for improvement.

For further information, please contact us at the email address or telephone number shown below.

Phone: +31 (0) 70 - 348 64 98

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