Inspectie Ontwikkelingssamenwerking en Beleidsevaluatie

Economic diplomacy in practice: An evaluation of Dutch economic diplomacy in Latin America

Datum van publicatie: 

Economic diplomacy is an important aspect of
Dutch foreign policy. A lot of attention has been
given to the promotion of the commercial
interests of (groups of) Dutch companies, both in
The Hague and at the Dutch representations
abroad. Until now, however, not much was known
about the effectiveness of the Dutch policy.

This evaluation of economic diplomacy in Latin
America is a combination of a qualitative
evaluation at outcome level and a quantitative
impact evaluation, which is unique in the field of
economic diplomacy. The study assesses the
effect of economic diplomacy on the competitive
position of Dutch companies operating in the
Brazilian ports, maritime transport and logistics
sector. Subsequently it provides an econometric
analysis of the effect of economic diplomacy on
the volume of Dutch exports to Latin America. Its
findings support the use of economic diplomacy
and may contribute to the fine-tuning and
adaptation of policies. 


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